2016 CrossFit Open: 16.3

16.3 (The Workout)

7 minutes AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible)

10 Snatches (75 lb)

3 Bar Muscle Ups.

When the workout was first posted I was once again intimated. I was not concerned about the snatches or the length of the workout. The snatches were light and the time was short. I was intimated because I’ve never done a Bar Muscle Up before.  I was unsure if I’d even be able to perform one muscle up let alone 3 which is the total needed to complete one round of the workout. After thinking about it for a while I figured I should be able to get at least 23 reps in this workout. Even if I’ve never done a muscle up before I figured I should be able to struggle through 3 muscle ups in the 7 minutes, and then hopefully have enough time to fire off 10 snatches before the 7 minute time cap.

The head coach at my gym will cater toward the open workout on the Friday classes, in order for people to practice skills they’ll need to tackle the Open workout (bar muscle ups in this case). Having never done a bar muscle up before I really wanted to attend one of Friday’s classes. Unfortunately my gym membership only allows me to attend two classes per week and I had already attended my two classes for the week. So having been unable to attend a class to work on my muscle ups, I turned to YouTube and Google to find any tips and tricks to performing a muscle up. A couple of tips that made sense to me and that I’d try to implement myself were:

  • Keep your arms straight until you get over top of the bar (don’t pull your chest to the bar to early)
  • The closer you can get your hips to the bar the easier it’ll be

When I arrived at the gym I warmed up and headed over to the rig to work on my kipping swing and to warm up my shoulders. After I felt good and warm I figured I may as well try a muscle up just to see if I can do one. Keeping in mind the few tips I found online I jumped to the bar and carried my momentum forward and back with a good strong kipping swing (at least in my opinion it was), I leaned back, popped my hips up, shot my chest to and over top of the bar, and pressed up. And just like that I did a muscle up! Needless to say I was pretty damn pumped to have done my first bar muscle up on my first attempt!

Hoping that it wasn’t just a fluke, I did it again, and again, and again. I did maybe 6 muscle ups in the warm up so I was now feeling pretty good going into this workout. Keep in mind every muscle up I did was a single. I did try to string two muscle ups together but as I was coming down after the first muscle up my kipping swing was a mangled mess at the bottom. Therefore I figured it’d be best to stick with singles today and worry about stringing them together another time.

Proof that I can actually do a muscle up!
Proof that I can actually do a muscle up!

Now knowing that I can do muscle ups I knew I’d be able to outperform my original goal of 23 reps. From talking to others who’ve already completed 16.3 they mentioned that  preserving grip strength is key to this workout. It was suggested to me that it’s best to break up the snatches from the start and to save my grip for the muscle ups.

I took the advice given to me and broke the snatches up into 2 sets of 5, for the first few rounds and then 4, 3, 3, in the later rounds. Every muscle up I did was a single. I jumped into the bar, swung hard, and got myself above the bar, dropped down to my feet and repeated. I kept moving at a relatively decent pace throughout the workout and was able to complete 70 reps in the 7 minutes.

I have mixed feelings about this workout. I performed 15 muscles ups and 55 snatches, and having never done a muscle up before today. I’m quite proud that I was able to get 15 muscle ups in this workout! But I feel like I did not push myself hard enough in 16.3. When the 7 minutes was up I felt like I still had a lot of gas in the tank. I think I went out to cautious about preserving my grip and took the snatches too slowly. My grip was definitely fatigued at the end of the 7 minutes but it was not severe enough to make me miss a muscle up or a snatch. So with that I’m super happy that I now know I can do muscle ups, but I am a little disappointed because I think I could have done more than 70 reps in 16.3.

16.3 Snatch
Not only can I do muscle ups, but I can also do snatches


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