2016 Race Schedule and Goals

So last year as you likely already know the goal I set for myself was to conquer the Spartan Ultra Beast. Last year was definitely a success and I can proudly say that I achieved my goal. But now what? What’s on the docket for 2016?

With all the training I did last year I really fell in love with trail running. Therefore I assure you I will be carrying on with running and training as I head into the 2016 race season. However I will not be as stringent about training and diet as I was in 2015. While training for the Ultra Beast I made a lot of sacrifices in terms of social gatherings so that I’d be able go for 4+ hour training runs. I don’t regret any of those decisions but this year my social life will not take such a big hit. Therefore my goals for 2016 are simply to have fun and race hard. I’m not training for any ultra endurance event like the Spartan Ultra Beast, but that’s not to say I won’t head out on any 40 km “training/fun” runs this summer either.

My current race schedule is as follows:

MEC Race 2 – April 9: Completed – Click Here for the race report

Spartan Race Sprint, Vancouver – June 4

Powder Face 42, Kananaskis – July 2

Oxroadultra Hunnarin Hapotus, Forssa Finland – July 10

Swamp Soccer World Championships – July, 15-16 (not a race but should be a hell of a lot of fun!)

Spartan Race Beast, Montreal – July 31

Spartan Race Sprint, Calgary – August 13

X Warrior Challenge, Calgary – August 27

Spartan Race Super, Red Deer – September 3

Spartan Race Sprint, Red Deer – September 4

And that’s all I’m currently registered for. With the Powder Face 42 early on in the season, my training will primarily consist of volume sessions focused on building up my endurance. This should provide me with a solid fitness base as I transition into the Spartan Races, where I will begin to focus more on speed work and obstacle specific training. Above I mentioned that I want to race hard and have fun this year, but another goal I’d like to set for myself is to have consistent results in the Spartan Races. Last year I had 3 top 10 finishes (8th Vancouver Sprint, 5th Red Deer Sprint, 3rd Sun Peaks Ultra Beast) and having a taste of the top 10 is addicting! Therefore I’d like to try and get fast enough to place top 10 in all my Western Canada Spartan races. I may be setting the bar pretty high for myself, but what’s the point of having goals if they’re are easily achieved? If I’m able to achieve this I would be ecstatic…but we will just have to wait and see how it goes.

If you’d like to find out more about any particular event, follow the links below:

MEC Race 2

Spartan Race Canada

Powder Face 42

Oxroadultra Hunnarin Hapotus

Swamp Soccer World Championships

X Warrior Challenge







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