Eaton Lake – Hike

If you read my first post about Eaton Lake you know that Jason and I had quite the eventful morning. If not click here and have a read. If you really don’t care about what happened here’s the gist of it.

Jason’s a dumbass

 If you want a little more than that here you go. Jason locked his keys in the car. We spent an hour trying to break into his car with tree branches. Couldn’t get the door unlocked. Got some super sketchy guy living in a trailer on the side of the road to break into Jason’s car and get our keys…like I said Jason’s a dumbass.

Having gone through that little ordeal I started off the hike a little grumpy. I was frustrated with the day’s events and would have preferred to hop back in the car and head to Vancouver (where we were headed).

The hike starts out very mellow on a wide dirt path the climbs gently for less than 1 km. The trail then quickly turns into a single track pathway and the climbing begins. Entering the single track portion there is a change in vegetation, as the trail is surrounded by big leafed plans and bushed of all sorts, truly giving a Jurassic Park vibe.

You’ll cross a river 3 times on your way up to Eaton Lake, and don’t worry there are bridges to use. There is a gorgeous waterfall at the first river crossing that is worth taking some time to stop and enjoy the scenery.

Jurrasic Park enroute to Eaton Lake
Awesome waterfall on the way up to Eaton Lake

The hike is only 4 km along but covers ~900 m elevation, so be prepared to work. The climbs are not gentle and the switch backs provided minimal relief. I still wasn’t in the best mood as we continued to hike and the aggressive slopes didn’t help with my attitude. A part of me wanted to turn back because I was in such a pissy mood and because of this I hoped that Eaton Lake wouldn’t be worth the work, so I could say “yep, this day sucked. Let’s go.”

But I could not have been more wrong. Upon reaching Eaton Lake my jaw dropped in awe. It was absolutely spectacular! A pristine mountain lake enclosed by large steep spire like peaks of the mountains that surrounded the lake is truly a site to be seen.

This hike is by no means for the faint of heart. It is only 8 km round trip but covers 900 m of elevation (4 km up, 4 km down…so really 900 m in 4 km) making for quite the challenging hike. If you are ever in or near Hope B.C. I cannot recommend this hike enough. It is without a doubt one of the best hikes I’ve ever done.

All that work was truly worth it. Eaton Lake is incredible


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