Bye Bye CrossFit: Training Log 2

March is over, my CrossFit membership has ran out and I’m not renewing it…

I absolutely love CrossFit and recommend it to nearly everyone I know. So why am I not continuing on with CrossFit? Last summer I kept my CrossFit membership throughout the summer and felt that it held me back slightly in my racing. This is because at the CrossFit gym I attend (like most) my membership allowed me to attend only a certain number of classes per week (two in my case). Therefore being the penny pincher that I am and making sure I always get my monies worth in everything I do, I’d make every effort I could to attend 2 classes a week. Even if I had a race or two on the weekend I’d still attend CrossFit in the week prior to make sure I’m getting my monies worth. I know two classes isn’t a whole lot but it is time taken away from other types of training, such as rock climbing, grip work, and heavy carries etc. which were desperately missing in last year’s training.

The biggest issue when it came to CrossFit last year was not knowing the workouts beforehand. Again my gym like most posts the Workout of the Day (WOD) online, late the night before or early in the morning. Therefore making it quite difficult in deciding how to train this week. For example this last week I was only able to attend CrossFit Wednesday. I did a heavy leg day on Tuesday on my own as I felt this was needed in my OCR training, then come to find out that Wedensday’s WOD includes finding my 1 Rep Max Back Squat. With sore beat up legs from Tuesday’s session I can tell you my back squat was lacking, and my legs are now even more sore a few days later.. Therefore my time may have been better spent training differently.

This isn’t so much a problem with CrossFit then it is my cheapness coming through. If I were smart I would skip workouts if they aren’t worth my time or if I’m tired. However I’m simply not wired that way. If I paid for something then I’m 110% sure I’m going to get my monies worth of it. Even if that means doing heavy deadlifts days before a race (that happened last year…not a good idea).

So with saying so long to CrossFit for the summer, I can’t be coerced by my penny pinching self to train when I shouldn’t. Additionally with the increased free time (i.e. training time) I intend to get more obstacle specific with more workouts, which is something I was drastically missing last year.

So see you later CrossFit hello carrying heavy shit up hills and monkeying around on playgrounds.

Looking forward to playing like a kid again…and working out too of course!

P.S. I may still drop in to CrossFit every once in a while IF the workout fits into my training program.

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