Toughest Whistler – Gear List

I’ve never participated in World’s Toughest Mudder (WTM), and this will be my first Toughest Mudder…Therefore I have no personal experience on what I need to bring and am likely bringing way more than required.

There is one big question that everyone keeps asking and no one has a clear answer for and that is “is a wet suit is needed or not?” I know at WTM that a wet suit is necessary for essentially everyone out there. And from past Toughest events it seems like that a wet suit may or may not be required, as it is very dependent on the venue and the weather. Therefore, I will be bringing a wet suit with me to Toughest Whistler. I figure this is one piece equipment that it’s best to have and not need, then need it and not have it. So if you have one my advice to you would be to bring it just in case.

In addition to a wetsuit, I’ll be bringing a bunch of other crap with me…


Neoprene, BleggMits

1 Orca SwimRun Core wetsuit

1 2XU Neoprene Swim Cap

1 pair of Blegg Mits

1 2XU Hyoptik Compression Tights

1 2XU Compression Shirt

The 2XU will be my primary clothes for the race and act as my base layer if a wetsuit is needed. My plan is to start the race in my 2XU compression tights and shirt. Then if a wetsuit is needed I’ll put it on over top my 2XU gear, and head out on my way.

1 Pair of Salomon S-Lab Sense 5 Ultra SG shoes

1 Pair of 2XU compression socks

2 Windbreakers: 1 MEC windbreaker that is just a shell, and 1 North Face windbreaker that is a little warmer.

1 Pair of North Face rain pants

1 Salomon S-Lab Adv Skin 5 Set running pack, loaded with two 500 ml soft flasks filled and ready to go

I don’t plan on running with a pack, but if there comes a point where I think it’s needed I want to be able to grab the pack and go.

2 Head Lamps: 1 Black Diamond Storm Headlamp. And 1 Black Diamond unknown model (it’s old).

I’m bringing 2 headlamps, in case I lose my primary one, or if my batteries die.

2 UFO Flashers. “Safety Strobe”

Same as the headlamps. I am bringing a backup flasher in case I lose my primary one.

My “Safety Strobes”
My 2 headlamps. The black headlamps is the Storm and will be my primary headlamp.









1 stick of Body Glide

1 Roll athletic tape

1 Box of bandaids

1 pack of wet wipes

1 Drop bag, which will just be my backpack or my carry-on bag from the flight.

All of this for one event. I kind of hope to have to use it all, therefore justifying bringing all of this with me.


8 Litres of water, all pre mixed with various flavours of Nuun

16 Gels, Gu/Huma

2 Peanut Butter, Jelly, and Bacon sandwiches

4 Clif Builder Bars (protein)

4 Clif Bars

1 Coke (flat)

1 Small bag of chips/pretzels

Just a few gels.

I understand that the above is WAY too much food. But I like to be over prepared when it comes to fuel. I’d rather have too much then too little, plus this allows for multiple options. Maybe I’ll only eat gels the entire race, or maybe I won’t touch them. But either way I’ll have enough food.

Pit Crew

My girlfriend is pitting for me and here are a few things additional items make her night a little more comfortable.

1 Flashlight/headlamp

1 thermos with coffee/tea

1 camping chair

And whatever food her heart desires…her nutrition needs don’t need to be as specific as mine.

In the Car/After

1 Pair of Sweat Pants

1 Hoodie

1 Towel

1 Space blanket

Back at the Condo


Because in Canada we drink Caesars not Bloody Mary’s.

Hopefully you found this information useful, and let me know if there is anything else you think I might need to bring.



    1. Sleeping bag is a good call! With the salomon quick lacing system, spare laces would be a nightmare. Hopefully they can just hold up. Good luck this weekend, and hopefully see you out there!

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