Training log 4: Toughest Whistler is Coming!

I’m officially over mononucleosis (mono)! I recently visited the doctor and he confirmed that my blood work shows no signs of mono!

Mono plagued me for the month of April, but I still headed out for the Spartan Race Montana Beast and Sprint weekend early in May. I survived that weekend which was a good sign, so then I headed to X Warrior Titan feeling confident that I wouldn’t get absolutely destroyed by 5-6 hours of running. At X Warrior I managed to not only run for over 5 hours I also snagged 3rd place!

Whoop! Whoop! 3rd place at X Warrior Titan!

I know my body can handle the duration of the longer events as proven by X Warrior Titan. However, X Warrior Titan is held in a stadium and is essentially flat. Therefore I know I can survive 5 hours of running on flat ground. But how will that translate to the terrain in Whistler? Whistler will be anything but flat and that is one of my major concerns heading in to this event. I have not gotten as much hill training since my bout with mono as I would have liked. I did manage to squeeze in two long runs (4.5 and 3.5 hours) after X Warrior where I managed at least ~1000 m of elevation gain on each of these runs. Therefore, I did manage a few runs with some significant elevation but I can only hope that it’s enough to prep my legs for Whistler. I have no idea what the course at Whistler is like, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the top racers end up with 3000-4000 m of elevation or more!

Atop Prairie Mountain. 1400 m of elevation that day.

Having survived the Montana Spartan Races and X Warrior, receiving official word from the doctor that I am no longer sick, and getting out for a few long mountain runs, I am confident in my fitness heading into Toughest Whistler. Before I got sick with mono I was hoping to be able to run at least 35 miles at Whistler. 35 miles would be the farthest distance I have ever run, and I think that’d be a great accomplishment to achieve at a Toughest event. Although I’m feeling much better, I still feel like I’m not as well conditioned as I could be for this race (because of April and mono).  Therefore I think a more realistic goal of 30 miles would suffice. However I’m not going to settle for 30 miles! 30 miles is ok but I’m still setting the bar high and hoping to hit the 35 mile mark…or more.

P.S. nervous anxiety as started to creep in. I’m incredibly pumped up and excited for this…but also slightly terrified…especially if it’s cold and rainy. I’ll have my wet suit but I just don’t know what to expect….

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