Watching the sunset from Mt. Eden.

Update: Dec 2017


Have you missed me? Yes, no, maybe so…probably not. Anyhow I’ve missed writing, so here’s a little update.

You may or may not know this but back in September I quit my comfortable job as a geologist. I spent October in Finland, and moved to Auckland, New Zealand in November with my girlfriend. Why did I do this? Essentially there were numerous reasons that all led to this decision. I won’t bore you with all the details (just one) and sum it up in the cool slang of a few years back with #YOLO!

Back in Canada life was not all that great…I had everything I needed. I had a place to live, a girlfriend, family, friends, a good paying job, running buddies, etc., You name it, I had it or probably could easily get it. Sounds good, right?

However, something just was not right. I was stuck in the same routine day in and day out. Wake up, get on the train, go to work, do the same work as days, weeks, (months, years) past, wait for lunch, workout, more work, back on the train, grocery store, cook eat, repeat. Again, this doesn’t sound too bad. In fact it probably sounds pretty normal, right?

By no means was my life hectic but I felt constantly swamped by all aspects of life. This resulted in an abundance of stress, and it was bringing down my quality of life.

I believe a large portion of this stress came from an unfulfilling job. Sitting at a desk day in day out, bored to the nth degree, performing the same remedial tasks again and again is exhausting. My job required minimal brain power, and at times I felt like I was actively getting dumber. Not only was I bored, but I also felt that my role was insignificant. When I brought up my concerns to my boss he told me to “not worry about it… you do good work…keep it up…”

Running was my escape from all this. I was free from the stress’ of life. I left all worries behind and would head outside and move my body. I’d explore new areas, or simply enjoy the outdoors, and the physical movement of my body.

Back in Canada I needed to run. If I did not run (or workout), I’d become quite irritable. I may not have displayed this to most, but inside I would be fuming if something/someone was interrupting my workout or forcing me to miss a workout. Running was my only escape and I’d do all that I could to keep it in my routine.

When my last day at work arrived I was tremendously relieved. Almost instantly I felt better and I knew I was making the right decision. Leaving my job removed a major source of stress in my life.

With this stress gone it is amazing how running has changed for me. Running (and fitness) has taken on a whole new role in my life. No longer do I need to run. I don’t need to escape the stress’ of life. Now when I’m out running I have a new-found appreciation for my bodies abilities, the world in which we live, and even life itself. This feeling toward running is phenomenal. I find it particularly amazing how I don’t need to run like I used to back in Canada. In Canada, I had to run because I felt like it was the only thing keeping my sane. Now I run for the pure pleasure of it. Running has become the icing on the cake, the cherry on top, a true blessing to life. Running and being active, is happiness.

P.S. maybe I’m still just loving the new New Zealand life because everything is new and exciting. I’m curious to see how my outlook on life/running changes throughout the year.

sun setting with clouds in the back.
Cool view from the top of Mt. Eden. One of many volcanos in Auckland


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