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OCRWC: Training Log – 1

Mon Dec 25:

Christmas Day – No workout. Had a lovely Christmas, eating good food, drinking wine, and hanging out on the beach. Guilt free day.

Tue Dec 26:

7 mile (11.2 km) run – 12.4 km, 400 m of elevation, 1:05:04, 149 avg HR, 167 peak HR. Overall the run felt good. I haven’t worked out in a few days and my legs were fresh. I ran the first few km’s very fast (likely wonky GPS) so I tacked on a little extra distance. Ran to Mount Eden, and went up it twice, came back.

Wed Dec 27:

5 mile (8 km) tempo run – 8.25 km, 200 m of elevation, 38:43, 149 avg HR, 166 peak HR. Ran for ~10 min as a warmup before attempting my tempo effort. The tempo effort therefore lasted 28:37 and covered 6.2 km, avg HR 155, avg pace 4:38. I felt good. Better than most days when running after work. This was my first “tempo” run in a long time and it felt good to move a little quicker. My HR does seem a little low though for this to be a true tempo. So either need to work harder, or consider lowering my HR on MAF days…I think I could push a little harder on my next tempo.

Outdoor Gym – Went to the Park with Elisa, and two other friends. No one else was really working out turned out to more of a hangout then a workout. Still managed to do some pull up variations and minor grip work. 5x 8 pull ups, dead hang (unknown time), 11 wide grip pull ups, dead hang (unknown time), 2 rounds of change grip pull ups (3 pull ups, 3 narrow, 3 chinups), dead hang (uknown time), 2x 6 wider neutral grip pull ups. Nothing special and not what I wanted but still got some work in and had a fun evening.

Thur Dec 28:

7 mile (11.2 km) run – 11.22 km, 220 m of elevation, 54:50, 4:53 avg pace, 141 avg HR, 158 peak HR. Felt ok but was breathing hard, for how low my HR was. Would have liked to keep my HR closer to 150. It was hard to keep the HR for the first part of the run as it was mostly downhill. Once climbing, I was able to keep the HR closer to 150. Overall felt meh. Potentially tired from a long day working labor? Pace felt fast, but not discomforting, the pace was approaching hard comfortable, therefore I’d expect to see a higher HR.

Fri Dec 29:

OCR movement/easy gym– At the park by my place. 5 pushups, 1 bear crawl up the hiill (add 5 pushups each time, repeat until have to break up the push up reps, I failed on the set of 25, then did two sets of 20).

50 back scratchers

50 bicycles

10s deadhang pull up (8)

50 back scratchers

50 bicycles

10s deadhang pull up (6)

30 leg in and outs

1 min plank

10s deadhang pull up (6)

30 leg in and outs

1 min plank

Played around on the chains of the swing set. Nothing too specific here. 2 climbs with both chains, 1 climb with 1 chain, 2 rounds of chain pull ups (4 and 6). Also used the A-Frame on the side to climb up and down, and hang from.

I’m still figuring out how to structure my workouts without a gym. The aim of this was to do some OCR esque type movements and specifics, without thrashing the body. I definitely didn’t thrash the body, but think I could try and incorporate more specificity. I like using the chains on the swing set and will do that more often.

Sat Dec 30:

Long Run 12 miles (19.2km) – 19.24 km, 500 m of elevation, 2:00:01, 134 avg HR, 152 peak HR. I wanted to get a decent amount of elevation in this run and make OCR esque. So on the 15th of 45th minute I did 15 burpees, and the 30th and 60th minute I did a 30 second crawl (or bear crawl if no grass was around). I ran up Mt Eden 3 times and was feeling ok, until I looked at my watch and was disappointed to see only 8 km traveled in the first hour (I didn’t want to be out here all day). But disappointment didn’t last long. Just continued on the run and explored. Burpees were not hard until the last set, crawling is tough and I tend to cramp up from crawls in longer races, so I think I will do more of this in my training. Overall good slow long run.

Sun Dec 31:

Western Park OCR

50-60 min AMRAP of:

Run up the hill

20 burpees

Run down the hill

1x vertical climb (over and back)

1x monkey bars (down and back)

40 Mountain Climbers

5 clapping pullups

1x up and over rope wall

1x tricep walk, with 5 dips in the middle

1x log hop

1x balance beam (down and back)

1x crawl (crawl from far edge of log hop to start of tricep walk)

1x rope walk (down and back à only if you pass it on your run à I did it twice today)

I completed 5 full rounds in 1:00:03, 6.5 km, 220 m of elevation. Good workout, crawling is really tough for me so I’m glad to throw this into my training. Will be sure to do this again.

Thoughts on the Week:

Felt pretty good for the first week back training. I’m curious about my HR. Should I be training at a lower intensity for some of these MAF runs? I think this may be a result of the abundant rolling hills. It’s hard to keep the heart rate elevated while descending. Therefore, I think I’ll keep aiming for that 150ish HR.

Final Numbers: 57.6 km, 1540 m of elevation

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