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OCRWC: Training Log – 2

Mon Jan 1:


Did a little walk with Elisa in the Waikowhai Walkway. Will definitely come back to run some of these trails. Itching to but my trail shoes back on.

Tue Jan 2:

7 mile (11.2 km) Fartlek 1-2-3-3-3-2-1 (minutes, equal work to rest). 11.53km, 50:53, 30 m of elevation (flat), avg HR 155, peak HR 173

~10 min WU before doing the fartlek. Did this down by the water (really flat). Legs were a little sore from the weekend, but felt good to move fast. Coming down (3-2-1) was really tough. Overall, I really enjoyed the workout.

1 – 3:36/km, 0.28 km

2 – 3:35/km, 0.58 km, 164 HR

3 – 3:43/km, 0.81 km, 165 HR

3 – 3:55/km, 0.77 km, 165 HR

3 – 3:48/km, 0.80 km, 167 HR

2 – 3:59/km, 0.51 km, 167 HR

1 – 3:58/km, 0.26 km, 161 HR


Through in this little Tabata strength burnout after the run

100 squats: alternate tabata sets of squatting (counting reps) and squat hold (no reps)

100 push ups: alternate tabata sets of push ups (count reps) and high plank hold (no reps)

50 sit ups: alternate tabata sets of sit ups (count reps) and low plank (no reps)

Squats (6:19 to get 100 squats) were easy then I thought. May exchange squat hold for a wall sit

Push ups (unsure of time maybe 7-8 minutes? Add to restart the clock during the exercise) were good. High plank really burns the shoulders by the end

Sit ups (4:20 to get 50 sit ups) were ok: Plank get’s tough, but managed to get to 50 in 5 sets, maybe up the target to 75 next time

Wed Jan 3:

10 km tempo – 10 min Warmup, 30 min tempo, 6 minute cool down

10 km, 47:16, 110 m of elevation.

30:46 min Tempo effort, 4:19/km, 7.13 km, 157 avg HR

Legs were sore from yesterday (guess those squats were harder than I thought), so I opted to do a flat run today. Wasn’t sure if I’d to the tempo or not but once I got on the flats my legs felt good enough to go. This was a tough run. Being flat made it somewhat tougher than the hills from last week. I was able to keep my HR relatively consistent at 160ish while on the flats.

Last week’s tempo: 28:37, 6.2 km, 15 avg 5HR, 4:38/km…this was also MUCH hillier than the current week.

Thur Jan 4:

7 mile (easy) run –  11.43 km, 170 m of elevation, 57:44, 132 avg HR, 147 max HR. Was raining super hard, but it was still warmish out. Wanted to stop early (1 km short) but reminded myself to stay committed to the goal. Felt meh, legs/hamstrings still a little sore from previous days squats (or speed?).

Fri Jan 5:

Strength – outside at Myers park in the rain

5x 10 pull ups, down and back on spinning wheels

4 chain pull ups (rain made these too hard)

3x 8 neutral grip pull ups, on spinning wheels, and down and back the chain traverse

Touched every train, tax the grip, not speed). The pull ups for this were quite tough. felt it in the chest as I tried to keep the wheels from spinning

3x 4 wide grip pull ups on wheels, with a little iso hold at the top

picture of playground
My new Gym. Best part is that memberships are free.

3x DJ (something I just came up with).

Neutral grip wheels, iso hold one sided and move the other wheel/arm back and forth till failure. Each arm = 1 rep. No idea how many I would do, but this was tough and good way to build up the one arm strength. Look forward to playing around with this more.

Plank Countdown. 60s, 45s, 30s, 20s, 15s, 10s, 5s: plank, left plank, right plank. Hold each for duration and once done the last 60s side plank, jump into the 45s plank (no breaks). Overall this was easier than I thought it would be. Best to just do longer plank holds.

10x 10s superman hold with 5s rest

Good low intensity strength workout. Would have like to tax the grip a little more

Sat Jan 6:

14 miles (15/45 min 15 burpees, 30/60 min 30s crawl or bear crawl) – 25.02 km, 2:25:46, 5:49/km, 510 m of elevation (check if accurate), 135 avg HR, 166 peak HR. This effort felt very easy. Pace was easily maintained, burpees were no issue. Felt my abs while crawling, this may have been the hardest part and climbing Mt Eden at km 20. Curious if I should increase my HR on these Long Slow Runs.

Breakfast: ½ cup of oats, ¼ cup of Almonds, 1 spoon of chia seeds, yogurt, 2 scoops of cottage cheese. This is a fairly big meal before a run (I think) but it worked just fine.

Fueling: 3 Oreos at 45 min, 3 Oreos, at 1:15. Oreo’s are dry and bulky to carry, but they did the job. Can use them again.

Sun Jan 7:

Western Park OCR

50-60 min AMRAP of:

Run up the hill

20 burpees

Run down the hill

1x vertical climb (over and back)

1x monkey bars (down and back)

40 Mountain Climbers

5 clapping pullups

1x up and over rope wall

1x tricep walk, with 5 dips in the middle

1x log hop

1x balance beam (down and back)

1x crawl (crawl from far edge of log hop to start of tricep walk)

1x rope walk (every 2nd round)

In 1:00:54 I did 4 rounds (5.9 km)and completed the burpees on the fifth round. Felt very tired and sluggish, crawling was slow, pull ups were not powerful, legs sluggish, still half asleep. Woke up at 6AM, grabbed a slug of peanut butter and was running by 6:10. Will likely have to workout before school during the week so this was a test to see how not eating breakfast goes. I think on the weekend I should eat a good breakfast if I have the time.

Totals: 1:15:00, 250 m of elevation, 8.62km, 125 avg HR, 147 peak HR

Thoughts on the Week:

Felt good to do a fartlek, and am happy that I got out in the rain and got my work out in. Heard about a suggestion that 40-50 beats below max HR (highest ever seen) is TOO low. I believe the highest I’ve seen in 177ish, therefore I shouldn’t go below 137 HR on runs (or running sections of OCR work outs). too low. Will attempt to keep HR at least in the 140-150 range. With school starting will plan to have more two a day workouts thrown into the routine.

Final Numbers: 66.6 total km, 1070 m of elevation (last weeks’ 57.6 km, 1540 m of elevation)



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