About Me

So somehow someway you have stumbled across this site and hopefully you are going to continue on reading it! More than likely you are family member or friend, because this site is brand new and I’m not particularly famous (…yet). Anyhow, thanks for stopping bye and let me tell you what I plan to do with this site

I’ve created this site, so that I can document my runs, training, and racing, along with any personal goals I set for myself. In a way this will be my “Run Journal” where I can ramble on about whatever run/workout I’ve completed or anything else that comes across my mind.

The idea behind creating my own website popped into my head back in 2014 after I ran the Spartan Race Sprint in Edmonton, Alberta. After finding my way back to Calgary, I had an urge to sit down and compile my thoughts about the race. I opened up my laptop, fired up Microsoft Word and began to write. I took a look at my training up to that point, my diet, my race day performance, and how this all tied together with my ultimate goal of completing my first Spartan Race Trifecta at Sun Peaks, British Columbia that September. To my great surprise after writing down my thoughts about the race, I found out that I really enjoyed writing about my experience. I continued to write mini personal race reports throughout the summer as I completed each race on my quest to complete the Trifecta. Not only did I enjoy writing about the races, but I loved being able to go back to previous races and see how I have improved from race to race. However upon completion of the Spartan Race Beast and the Trifecta, my writing stopped. I had nothing to write about, I had completed my goal and that was that. As soon as I stopped writing about my runs I always wanted to get back into it and never did.

Well today that all changes, with the creation of this site.

Being in the middle of the Canadian winter I do not have any races for a couple of months. Although I’ll be a little behind the times, I will be posting about my 2015 race season and maybe I’ll dig up my race reports from 2014 and post those as well.

I’m really looking forward to building this site and hope that you come back for more and we’ll see where this journey takes us.